Thursday, March 02, 2006

Watershed Moment

This was a semi-landmark rehearsal for me. I was able to follow, and execute more than half of the dance we learned today!

That is to say I had no major problem following, understanding, or duplicating most of the steps we were shown. I had a bit of a problem keeping the order in my head, because we added maybe two more things in one sitting than my brain can handle with comfort. That notwithstanding though, I actually grasp the overall concept and rhythm of the dance. (For which, thankfully, I have been assigned a smaller, simpler part.)

I dare say if nothing else, that by the time we open at the end of the month, I will have mastered that number, if none others. (The number is called Heaven Hop.)

I would have gotten an even better idea how it all went together had more than half of the people showed up tonight. (This is a sentiment I think I share with the choreographer herself.) Yet I was actually able, for a few brief shining moments, to taste a small sampling of what it is to enjoy dancing.

I am sure I still looked like a wounded yak. But I was a wounded yak who usually knew where he was supposed to be, and that is rewarding to me.

I am not sure why this number seemed to be so much easier to follow. A person more well learned in dance would know the different terms used to describe different types of moves and steps. To me, it is usually all just under the umbrella of "choreographed dancing". If I had to choose one reason it seemed easier, I would say it was because it was void of "combos". I think there were no combos, and that made it easier for me.

Whatever the reason, it was easier, and I rejoiced at the notion of not being totally lost.

I make no promises for other numbers. But Heaven Hop is something I feel confident I will be able to master.

One day.

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