Monday, March 27, 2006

Of Uniforms and Doinks

After to days off, all kinds of neat stuff today in the world of Anything Goes.

First off, several people came early and brought food for a little semi-impromptu gathering in the green room before rehearsal. There was quite a spread going on! Trail mix, pies, cakes, cookies, candy, chicken, egg rolls, bread, humus, and so on. Too bad not all rehearsals have all that waiting for actors during their breaks!

Then there's my uniform. Oh, the smoothness. I was given a different shirt that had shoulder decorations and insignia (authentic) attached to it. With the white pants and my ever-improving sexy hair style (center part), I think I looked quite dapper. Not to be immodest, but several people agreed.

More than one dude told me that almost all women have a thing for guys in uniform. Before tonight I thought this was a myth. Since I try not to encourage stereotypes, I at first brushed it off. However even women in this cast said it was true. Women said this. So while I do not think every woman would agree with the "guy in a uniform" thing, it seems many do. At least in the OOH cast of Anything Goes.

Myth or no myth, I think the uniform looks great. Still no hat. To be honest though I do not know if I need it. I realize I have been squawking about getting a cool hat for months now. That notwithstanding, the shirt, and decorations and the hair look so good on their own that I wonder if a hat is even necessary. I am sure they want me to wear one, and if they provide it, I will. Yet I cannot help but think it works even without one.

Ladies out there, (not just ones I know personally) would a hat add to, or take away from the "guy in a uniform" mystique? Or does it depend on too many factors? Don't be shy...tell me. Please. Post as "anonymous" if you like, but do post.

The sweetness of tonight did not stop there. The director has concocted a little mini-sequence to perform during the overture music. I will not give it all away, in case someone reading this plans to see it. I will say, however, that my trick of having a cigarette in my hand/mouth as I move around back stage has effected on-stage action. I will be coming out at the top of the overture to "smoke" a cigarette. As much as I would love to flick it out into the ocean that is the audience, I of course cannot. I still however think it was a neat piece of business to add to the top of the show that came about due in large part to a character building exercise of mine.

As for the rehearsal itself, I would give it a 6 overall. Some rough spots, but that is to be expected. Most of the scene changes were being run for the very first time tonight by the techies. (That is where tech week gets it's name after all.) No disasters took place that I was aware of.

The orchestra comes soon. I hope that does not throw us off too much.

In closing, I will have to mention something that really could not be connected to the rest of this entry in any rational way. Yet I still had to be mention it.

I heard the term "being a doink" for the first time today. At least I think that is what she said. Fear not, for I was not the "doink" in question. Yet still the phrase was amusing to me.

Three more rehearsals, loyal blog readers. Then, the S.S. American sets sail, no matter how seaworthy she is.

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